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Shades of Rose - A post-Ohtori Utena SL/RPG

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And on the seventh day, which at present will never exist.. [04 Dec 2005|09:56pm]

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Okay. Here's the intro post--We've given up trying to make something work together; we just don't have the time. Caitlin has been indisposed with college applications and midterms, which are, in fact, more important than role playing at the moment. She sends her apologies. Eventually, there will be a companion one for Anthy. Until then, just..go with it. I apologize to all of you for lack of communication and the pace which this has gone.

In the beginning, there was light.Collapse )

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Enter the Blue Haired Vixen [28 Nov 2005|01:45am]

Kozue leaned against the door of the car sped through the streets towards Ohtori, wind dancing through the short mat of azure hair that fell across her forhead and eyes. Her lips were curled in a distant thoughtful smile, mind on the string of voice mails waiting for her in her room. It was like a leisurly ritual for her. Returning to her room to bathe and wash the sin from her flesh while she listened to the pleading voice on the answering machine. As if that could purge her of all the troubles of the day.

"What are you think about?"

Her eyes slid towards the boy behind the wheel. Tall and muscularly build with hair like sand and eyes of fire when that flickered over her. She smirked, a dismissive and disinterested look that was like water to the flame in his gaze.

"Nothing you'd be interested it. Pull off here."

She lifted a slender finger and pointed, unbuckling her seatbelt as the car slid to a hault infront of the dorm building. Kozue opened the door, rising to exit when her wrist was caught and she was forcibly turned back to meet and angry eyes elder boy she'd been enraptured in a moment ago. A thoughtful frown slipped over her features as she studied him. He was handsome enough. An older boy and the captain of the basketball team. And yet he held no appeal to her. He was so...so useless. And that made her more then disinterested, it annoyed her. However not even this shook that siren smile, twisting her wrist till she had broken his grasp and pressed her lips to the back of her wrist where her pulse beat.

"Maybe next time."

He laughter was punctuated by the slam of the door and the roar of the engine as it pulled away, the driver's pride wounded. Kozue smiled at the exhaust fumes that swirled like mist through the air before thining and dissipating into the atmosphere. Her attention shifted at the soft sound of singing, the owner of the voice approaching. The first thing she noticed was the uniform, and then the dark huny hair caught up atop her head. Kozue straightened and smiled with still lingering amusement at the girl.

"Good evening Shinohara-sempai."
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Un [27 Nov 2005|01:36am]

"I told you a thousand times, give it up already! Honestly..." Wakaba huffed and turned her back to the taller boy with the greenish hair, who was steadily still ranting at her about some comment she had made about him chasing tail. It was the usual thing with Tatsuya. The usual thing and the boring thing. It seemed like all they ever did was bicker and argue sometimes. It was times like that that made Wakaba want to give up on trying to have a real friendship with someone.

"I'm leaving now, Tatsuya. You should go to your room, too. Curfew is in just a few hours. Bye." The goodbye left no room for arguement, for after it had no sooner left her lips did she begin walking in the direction of her own dorm. Tatsuya huffed and turned around, heading on his way as well. That's right. Leave. True friendship was hard to find, if not non-existant.

Case in point: Years ago, (though it only seemed like a several months to Wakaba)there was a girl who Wakaba cared about very much. She had been her bestfriend for a long time and then suddenly she transfered out of the academy. No, she didn't only transfer out of the academy. The girl never even bothered to tell Wakaba that she was leaving, as Tatsuya had previously. Not only he disappeared, but the so called 'prince' that she had been so obsessed with left as well. Was she doomed to suffer through the scars being cut open time and time again?

Wakaba hadn't totally turned her back on the world. She was still cheerful and pleasant to be around. There were many people who she still hung out with. Naomi, Tatsuya, the three boys from the paranormal club...the list went on. And now that she had become a part of the student council, there were more...aquaintences.

She sighed out and crossed her arms behind her back, carrying the schoolbag in them as she walked along. Instead of a frown being on her face, she smiled slightly.

"demo ne watashi-tachi, tomodachi no koto, nani yori taisetsu ni shite'ru...kitto otona yori mo..." Her voice came out gently as she sang to herself and walked along the path towards the dorm building. "yume wo mite namida shite kizutsuite mo, genjitsu wa gamushara ni kuru shi...jibun no ibasho sonzai kachi wa nakusenai, jibun wo mamoru tame ni..."
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[01 Oct 2005|10:31pm]

Great news for the first..three or so members ^_^ We've created an OOC community--For whatever use you guys want. Get to know eachother, share news, fandoms, anything you like. Hopefully we can use it to pass along news as well. We're planning on beginning a newsletter once the storyline begins; that way news will pass along as well.

We're not dead! Things are just..a little slow.


Your loving mods,

Meg and Caitlin ^_^
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The Beginning of the End [24 Aug 2005|12:49am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

So like..yeah. The first logging for the new SoR ^^

Let the Rain FallCollapse )

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Commence [22 Aug 2005|11:05pm]

Rain created a hazy film across the cemetery, blurring the distinguishable shape of the cross atop the church tower. Inside, the air hung heavily and smelled of dust, and death. With the moon now gone behind a wall of thunderheads, the only light came from a single candle burning steadfastly on the alter. Its orange glow reflected in serious emerald eyes, the dark lashes narrowed as she read the archaic markings etched into the marble of the alter table, pausing now and then to brush dark purple waves of hair from her visual field. Her chocolate colored hand traced along the stone, full scarlet lips mouthing words long forgotten. They lifted into a smirk. She turned, unsettling the dust and debris across the floor and walked very slowly to the other end of the church where a statue sat on a black platform; a statue of a woman with beautiful waves of hair covered by a simple sheet of fabric. In her arms lay a man, wounded, fallen. When the next crack of thunder sliced the silence, two small drops of red blood slid down the statue's cheeks. 'Ironic,' she thought to it, 'That the only way I can cry is encased in solid stone.' As she peered closer, on the forehead of the woman a new symbol had appeared - a stylized rose encased in a circle, emblazoned in blood. She spun on her heels and walked silently back down the hallway, trembling, with the idea that she had to return to her sleeping Prince. They needed to be together, this night of all nights.

The Revolution...had just begun.

With the next flash of lightning she dissipated, swallowed by the night in a quiet evanescence.
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